SC PROPERTY MGMT. - "Making your Life easier"  Sandi Clinton Lic: 08017734
Tenant Responsibilities
As a Tenant your responsibilities are as follows:
*   Report any maintenance issues immediately
*   Do not make any alterations with out landlord consent
*   Maintain the Landscaping if called for in the Rental Agreement
*   Take care to not cause damage to the property
*   Paying for any damage you cause
*   Respecting your neighbors quiet enjoyment of their property
*   Adhereing to the terms of your  Rental Agreement
*   Paying all rent on time
*   Transferring all utilities in your name at Move-in & removing
      your name at Move-out.
*   Giving the Landlord the appropriate notice to terminate vacancy
      ( 30 day notice ) according to the ageement.
*   Allowing all interior & exterior inspections with 24 hr. notice
*   NO disabled vehicles allowed on property
*   "Remove all personal belongings and trash at move-out
*   Leave the property in the same c0ndition as when you moved-in
*   Notify mgmt. when you'll be out of town more than a week
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