SC PROPERTY MGMT. - "Making your Life easier"  Sandi Clinton Lic: 08017734
SC property mgmt, AKA Sandi Clinton, has managed my Oakdale office complex over the past yr. to my delighted satisfaction, negotiating new leases, finding an excellent tenant for a space empty for two years, getting things that break down fixed and collecting and forwarding to me the rents with remarkable punctuality. 
Sandi's rare "we're all in this together" business philosophy makes her a pleasure to deal with for tenants, maintenance personnel and owner.
Patricia Sitkin, Linden
The level of service at SC PROPERTY MGMT. is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism !  
Center Family Trust...William & Inez Center, Oakdale
I have enjoyed partnering with Sandi Clinton in the handling of my 5 properties in Oakdale.  Sandi is deligent in the many tasks, from qualifying potential renters, taking care of the details, keeping me in the "loop" on all expenditures, suggesting contractors as needed, doing timely accounting, with copies of all transactions, etc. these past 3 yrs.  Sandi is always professional and scrupulous in conduct with myself and renters, a joy to work with, no surprises, and I look forward to many more years assiciated with Sandi and her company
Tom Day, Tuolumne
I'm so happy to have SCPM as my PROPERTY MGMT CO. considering I'm an out-of-town owner  Sandi has been able to make my life much easier!  Having both a Rental House and comm'l property in Oakdale , Sandi has come to my  rescue many times.  She  has smoothed ruffled feathers and saved me alot of money in repairs with her extensive business contacts.
Thank you & God bless     Judith Cochran, Palm Springs, Ca
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